Welcome to Scala Recipes!

This blog is my cookbook of Scala recipes for common tasks I'm having to perform on my day to day programming.

As I am still on my journey in mastering Scala and Functional Programming (FP), its content may be inaccurate or even simply wrong ;)

But, you know, it is a work in progress and we learn from our mistakes. So, I thought sharing my journey might help other developers trying embrace Scala and FP like me.

I hope you'll find something useful here. And of course, feedbacks are much welcome.

Here are my most recent blog posts:

  • Day One

    30 mars 2013

    Day One

    In the past few months, I've been gathering a lot of subject around scala and functional programming in general. It includes, in a non exhaustive way:

    • Monad / Monoid
    • Iteratee
    • Lenses
    • Scalaz
    • Partially applied function
    • Scala Dependency Injection (DI) with implicits
    • Scala Web frameworks (Lift, Lift idMemoize, BlueEyes, Scalatra, Scalate)
    • Scala Slick
    • ...

    So, where shall I start? :)

    I think I'll give a try at Iteratee in my next post. Until then, have a good evening.